Musiekinstrumente / Music instruments:





The dancing rattle is used by the men and put around their legs while dancing.  The monotonous sound of the song and the clapping of women, together with the stressed rhythm from the dancing rattle help the men to go into a trance.






The quasi, a musical instrument used by the Bushmen.  It is made of a hollowed tree trunk with rolled sinew strings tied to little sticks fixed inside the trunk.






The rattle, a musical instrument used by the Bushmen, is made of the fruit of the Strychnos spinosa.  The inside of the fruit is eaten and then filled with seeds and sealed.








Bushmen play the thumbpiano for pleasure when sitting around the fire.  They also play it when walking long distances.  Here the thumbpiano helps keep up a pace of 3 - 4 km an hour.  The keys are made of fence wire; the board is made of wood, often decorated.  The thumbpiano can be tuned by moving the individual keys in or out.  It is held in the palms of both hands and played with the thumbs.





Drums are relatively new musical instruments and are made out of tree roots. They are then decorated with drawings.